Creating Bee Sanctuaries and Enhancing Bio-diversity!

Join our journey re-wilding our local green spaces for the wellness of our Bees, and all insects, wildlife and our local community. Inspiring and educating others, whilst supporting our local natural habitats!

What We Do

Re-wilding our local green spaces

What You Can Do

Find out how to get involved


Learn about all about Bees and how to help them

Click here to view The Park Fence Exhibition slide show

Check out the official Bee Sanctuary Movement video featuring Sheila, Jackie and Robin; finishing with a panorama of one of the wild flower meadows


All donations small or large are greatly appreciated. They go directly towards supporting and aiding to be able to purchase/hire equipment, seeds, maintenance of green spaces we are working on, and also research and education.

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Bees on yellow flower
Bee on blue flower

Our Bee Sanctuary Projects

Find out about our current projects, including our first Bee Sanctuary on Highfield, Blue Bell Pond, and Bee Sanctuary gardens including a research garden. Also our future plans for Children’s Bee Sanctuary Allotments and Forest School in Chapel Street Park.

Volunteering With Us

We couldn’t do all that we do without our amazing volunteers! From Bee Education to making paths, removing roots, sowing and planting Wildflowers, creating gardens, we are entirely fuelled by volunteer energy. Find out more about what we get up to and how you can get involved! Ring Sheila on 07891781741 and join our WhatsApp Volunteer group

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Stay In Touch

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