Bee Importance and ID

What is their importance, and how can we identify them? 

Some experts says, we would only have around 7 years left on earth, but if we did manage to survive, it is certain that our existence would be much less optimistic, our diets would be very poor and nutrients scarce. It will affect obvious things such as allowing plants to produce fruits and seed and in turn breed. The disappearance of bees won’t just affect fruit and vegetable crops, it will affect meat production as some plants, such as clover, are grown for livestock, and are semi-reliant on pollination via Bees.

Bees are a key symbol on nature thriving, and if they are in trouble, then it is a sign that the rest of the natural world is also struggling too. Encouraging bee to thrive is also a key factor in maintaining the native flora in our green spaces and amazing countryside, such as corn flowers, bluebells, poppies and even trees.

By actively trying to save bees and enhance habitats and food sources, you are also helping many other species survive too. Many other different types on pollinating insect and vertebrates, such as birds, bats, moths, butterflies, flies, beetles and so on are having a difficult time too, which in turn has a direct impact on the rest of life on our planet. 

Links For Bee Identification